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Wed Nov 27, 2019 9:09 am

There are so many incredible images of tea and tea ware, and as much as I truly appreciate and enjoy what is in the foreground of these photographs, I see things in the background that I think equally as important to the image, the setting, the total environment.
For example, I see in Victoria's beautiful images a painting that seems to cover the wall, sometimes in focus, sometimes in blur. I have to ask about this artwork because I am sure how it fills the environment it must have an influence upon those in its presence.
I don't mean to single one person out, but I would enjoy knowing more about this painting.
And in general, the objects that aren't the main focus, but inform the viewer of other factors are always my interest when I view posted images.
So I for one would not mind a word or two included when others post photographs, does anyone else have the same curiosity?
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