mud and leaves: Handmade Nixing Clay Master Cup with Lotus Engraving

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mud and leaves: Handmade Nixing Clay Master Cup with Lotus Engraving

$20 USD sold
(Actual retail value: $37 USD)
This item was generously contributed by @mudandleaves. 100% of proceeds go to Tea Forum.

Shipping worldwide $9 USD


This is a wheel thrown Nixing clay teacup handmade using Nixing Guangxi Clay. There may be slight variation in volume and shape, since each is completely handmade. The clay has a mottled, dark grey to bronze brown color which varies between each pot and is a result of the clay's natural colors and the process of firing the clay.

About the Clay

Nixing Clay pottery is one of the 4 famous types of Chinese ceramics, which include Yixing Zisha. Nixing ceramics are made in Qinzhou, Guangxi. The art is quite old, having been practiced over 1000 years. The clay is found in the surrounding area of Qinzhou, is environmentally friendly, and is used without adding any glaze, paint or other chemicals, making it a safe and healthy clay for use in teaware. Nixing clay is prized for its ability to take on a patina with use, like yixing, and for its degree of porosity. The clay is less porous than zisha but more than porcelain, making it a good clay for use when brewing oolong (similar use to Zhuni Zisha).

Preparation Before Use

Nixing Teaware should be prepared before using the first time. It removes any remaining dust.

We recommend rinsing the cup under warm water two or three times, then filling it with boiling water and emptying it out two to three times. After this it is ready for use.

  • Material: Nixing Clay
  • Diameter: 56mm
  • Height: 74mm
  • Craft: handmade
  • Condition: new (never opened or unwrapped)

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