Endokai: Premium Organic Japanese Matcha

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My name is Regan Bates, Founder and CEO of Endokai.

Our mission is to strengthen communities around the world by promoting traditional Matcha as a supreme form of hospitality to family and friends.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality Matcha in the world. After testing an unbelievable amount of culinary and ceremonial samples, we were able to narrow our trusted source to a family owned organic farm in Kagoshima. The reason we chose this source is because they truly use low friction stone granite mills which allows the green tea leaves to turn into the finest Matcha particles I've ever seen. The low friction prevents the Matcha from having a burnt taste after production.

During our product launch by the end of August 2019, we will be offering a chance to win our highest quality Organic Culinary Matcha. To be eligible to win, just like and follow our Facebook Business page and your account will automatically be registered! www.facebook.com/myendokai

If you have any other questions or concerns, please send me an email at info@endokai.com. Have a great day!
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