Korean green tea (nokcha)

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Mon Oct 30, 2023 11:30 am

Finally digging in to some of the teas I ordered from morning crane this year. First up is the sejak from Oh Yeong Soon. I've never brewed a Korean green tea before. I thought why not start at 4g/100ml at boiling and see what this tea can take. No problem at all! Relatively short steeps to begin, about 15 or 20s, but no bitterness and very minimal astringency. Pretty subtle flavor wise, but nice and delicate and savory on the palate with some hints of fruit in aftertaste, particularly in later steeps. Nice body and texture too. Leaves seem to have quite a bit to give...on 6th or 7th steep and still going strong.

Look forward to experimenting more with this tea. @LeoFox will try some of your approaches to brewing the greens you mentioned above and will post here when I do.
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Fri Mar 08, 2024 9:12 am

Trying to figure how much nokcha to buy from this years teabuy (excited, korean tea is new to me), wondering how long they stay fresh (mainly sejak), and if anyone has tried refrigeration for better preservation like is common with Japanese greens?
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Sat Mar 09, 2024 12:42 pm

I have been negligent of Korean greens from my Tea Buy Korea purchases at times and discovered them a year or two later and found them still quite delicious, perhaps not as fresh as they might've been otherwise but still very good. I have never refrigerated them.

Does that help?
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