Snapped lid knob - Epoxy DIY? Kintsugi?

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Wed Jun 08, 2022 3:57 pm

thanks for reporting back. i think that looks alright. i would be pretty happy with that. especially for a first try.

i usually apply epoxy with the tip of a toothpick.

kekstee-pot-crack.png (576.93 KiB) Viewed 211 times

either the knob wasn't aligned perfectly or a piece of the edge was just broken off. either way, the interface isn't perfect (at least in the pic) judging by how the light catches it. did the knob snap into place? it's really hard when broken pieces don't come together all on their own (common with a flat break without deep nooks that mate accurately). that's why i stress the importance of doing a ton of dry fits before gluing and using your fingerail to feel all around the break. or feeling with a toothpick or some kind of probe if your finger doesn't fit in there.

it also doesn't help that adding material (glue) changes the fit up slightly.

i'm sure it's less noticeable in person.

anyway, i think it does look good. congrats.
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Wed Jun 08, 2022 4:07 pm

Nice job @kekstee. Curious, any reason you didn’t use JB-Weld ClearWeld Quick Setting Epoxy? After being fully cured, it is completely resistant to water, and can withstand a ‘constant’ temperature of 500º F. I just find it easier to use because it’s clear and is very strong at 3900 PSI. Just curious, always willing to try something new.
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Thu Jun 09, 2022 3:33 pm

@pedant The picture is probably the "best" possible light to show the slight gap there. I did test fits but this is what it came down to when the epoxy was in. Either it hooked like one grain off the proper alignment or the epoxy added just a little bit of height to make the section where it didn't squish out catch the light. The snapped surface was just 6-8mm in diameter, a wooden toothpick would have been on the large side to apply the epoxy. I could have done better but the macro shots definitely make it look worse than it is in person.

@Victoria I'd say the Clear Weld is the safer way to go for sure. I did test this stuff and decided the dried colour is a safe enough bet for this Benshan Lüni.
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