2007 Wistaria Red Mark (Hongyin) & Blue Mark (Lanyin)

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2018 Anniversary Fundraiser & Giveaway Item List

2007 Wistaria Red Mark (Hongyin) & Blue Mark (Lanyin)

$295 USD (set of 2 cakes)
(Actual total retail value: $373 USD)
This item was generously contributed by @phyllsheng. 100% of proceeds go to Tea Forum.

Free shipping within continental USA


The 2007 Wistaria Red Mark & Blue Mark are proprietary blends raw/sheng puerh, produced by tea master Zhou Yu of Wistaria Tea House. First owner, purchased direct from Wistaria Tea House in Taipei, Taiwan.
wistariateahouse.com wrote: Ancient trees in the Dashan Mountains, in parts, have been maintained very well. That tea plantation is one of very few remaining tea plantations which preserve the classical ways of ancient tea gardens, expressing what, in the Confucian classic of The Doctrine of the Mean, is referred to as “the full development of their nature”.

Wistaria Commemorative Hong Yin (Red Mark)

This commemorative Red Mark cake is modeled after the flavor profile of the 1950s classic Hong Yin First Grade. This new version was harvested for Wistaria in the spring of 2007. The founder of Wistaria Tea House, carefully selected and blended this tea based on years of experience with the original. The tea liquor is fine, smooth and thick with a mellow aftertaste and a peaceful energy that expands throughout the body.

Wistaria Lan Yin (Blue Mark)

This Blue Mark tea cake is modeled after the 1950s cake. The founder of Wistaria Tea House carefully selected the materials from the finest spring buds of the Menghai tea area in the year 2007 . This tea tastes silky and fresh with a complex flavor and fragrant aroma. Drinking this tea can give you a sense of the sublimation of mind like seeing skies of blue and clouds of white.
https://www.wistariateahouse.com/mainss ... n=ZC410832

  • Producer: Wistaria Tea House (紫藤廬)
  • Tea Names: Hongyin/Red Mark (紅印) & Lanyin/Blue Mark (藍印)
  • Vintage: 2007
  • Quantity: 2 cakes (as presented)
  • Nominal weight: 357g x 2
  • Tea type: raw / sheng puerh
  • Condition: as new (never opened or unwrapped)
  • Storage: clean and controlled natural storage, excellent tea incense

To be entered for a chance to purchase at the stated price, simply reply below and indicate that you are interested.
Upon conclusion of the lottery, no one is obligated to buy. If the winner declines, it will be offered to the next person in line.

The drawing will occur on 2019-01-11 11:59PM CST (UTC -6)
Time remaining:

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Interested, very good tea :)
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I'll take a ticket!
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interested, thank you very much.
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I'm interested
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