Western Unglazed Teawares

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Sun Feb 04, 2024 11:45 pm

Didn't see a thread for generalized western unglazed wares, so I decided to make one! I figure there's lots of varied one-off art pottery pieces who's creators probably don't each deserve their own thread. I'll start off with a buff/yellow stoneware teapot made after Anderson Ranch Arts Center, which is a Colorado workshop with a noted ceramics studio. It seems to be consciously emulating Yixing ware. An interesting feature is how it eschews the typical hole in the lid - normally there to allow steam to vent so as to prevent the creation of a vacuum inside the filled teapot and hinder smooth pouring dynamics - in favor of a hole in the body that leads out to the top of the handle. No artist is given other than the initials "SK".
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Mon Feb 05, 2024 2:51 am

I’ve seen this lid hole in handle design in Taiwan before, not sure if it originated there or just coincidence.

The pot above still looks like it’s on the student level.

You might also browse the European pottery threads, quite a few of them use unglazed clay.
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