What Have You Seen in a Tea Fair? What Should You See in the Global Tea Fair?

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Which tea fairs have you been to? Are they all macroscale enough?
8 exhibition halls, 4,700 booths and 100,000 square meters, these are all just numbers.
What should the Global Tea Fair show?
Do you want to know more about Global Tea Fair China (Shenzhen) Autumn?
Let’s take a quick glimpse at it!

Hall 1 「National Brand Pavilion」
More than 100 famous and excellent tea brands with a long history and fully reinforced are collected in National Brand Pavilion to provide quality assurance for consumers. There are a large number of features to show, give visitors an excellent visual experience in the exhibition. From cost-efficient tea to high-end gift tea, from this year's new tea to decades-old tea, covering the six major tea from all over the country, a complete range of unparalleled.
🌟Puerh Tea Area
🌟Dark Tea Area
🌟White Tea Area
🌟Green Tea/Black Tea Area
🌟Aged Tea Area
🌟National Brand Area

Hall 2 「Government Pavilion Area」
In order to promote the teas and culture of China's different tea plantation regions, and to focus the tea from each origin to the whole country and the world, local governments of more than 20 tea plantation regions led small and medium-sized tea enterprises to the Global Tea Fair for group exhibition and sales. Here, we have opportunities to directly face the tea farmers in each place, communicate directly with the original tea farmers, and feel the unique culture of each production area.
🌟Wuyi Mountain Group
🌟Enshi Group
🌟Hangzhou Group
🌟Anhua Black Tea Group
🌟Guizhou Group
🌟Puerh Group
🌟Lincang Group

Hall 3「Impoverished Area Poverty Relief Pavilion」
In China's remote mountainous areas, many tea farmers spend most of their lives cultivating the mountains at sunrise and sunset. Global Tea Fair used our social responsibilities to bring tea farmers and teas from these weak areas to Shenzhen. Take Mengla County and Menghai County in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province as an example. The annual output value of local tea farmers is less than 10,000 yuan per household. With the help of HJC's resources, the annual output value of families has generally reached 2 million yuan.
Global Tea Fair will always support these weak areas, promote the pure, original tea culture, from the mountains to the whole country, to the world.

Hall 4 「Guangdong Brand Tea Area」
Guangdong is a big province for tea drinking, with several producing areas for tea, especially Phoenix Oolong Tea in Chaozhou, Yingde Black Tea in Yingde city and Kim Husuan Tea in Lijiang city.
Phoenix Oolong Tea with beautiful appearance, elegant aroma, orange clear, bright soup color, sweet aftertaste. Yingde black tea is of excellent quality with a smooth, sweet taste and lasting fragrance. Kim Husuan Tea is a kind of green tea, tastes fresh drunk sweet, the aroma is clear, green leaves bright.
Collection of Guangdong tea, direct to the origin of Guangdong tea farmers and merchants, welcome to the Hall 4 to meet Guangdong tea.

Hall 6 「Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and International Pavilion」
Shenzhen is one of the most international cities in China, with numerous ports, developed international economic and trade; the trading volume of the tea industry is enormous. Therefore, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and international pavilions gather international tea in Shenzhen, including tea, teaware, and coffee from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, France, Korea, Nepal, Japan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Germany, Kenya, Laos, and Vietnam. New sharp and fashion in Hall 6 to reflect the most incisive.
🌟Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Area
🌟International Area
🌟Trendy Tea Area
🌟National Brand Area

Hall 8 「Teaware & Art Crafts Area」
For a tea lover, one should choose not only good tea but also choose proper teaware. Tea is inseparable from the teaware, different tea, need different tea sets to brew. The importance of the teaware is undeniable.
In Teaware & Art Crafts Area, we have tea tube, teaspoon, tea needle, teacup, cover bowl, smell teacup, tea mat, teapot, tea suit, tea towel, agarwood, all kinds of tea ceremony crafts.
Drinking tea needs a sense of ceremony, as well as a sense of integrity.

Hall 9 「Aesthetics of Tea Area」
Tea, tea ceremony, tea room contain elegant beauty. Therefore, tea is not only to be tasted, but also an art. Hall 9 is an art exhibition about tea and life aesthetics. The beauty of tea space, teaware, and tea furniture design are like a painting containing the beauty of tea ceremony.
🌟Tea Room Area
🌟Tea Set Area
🌟Tea Furniture Area
🌟Tea Culture Area

2019 Global Tea Fair China (Shenzhen) Autumn
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Dec 12th - Dec 16th, 2019

1,600+ Exhibitors, 4,700+ Booths,
20+ Countries and Regions,
100,000+ Visitors,
200+ Industry Speakers…

Contact us:
Organizer:Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Phone:+86 86 181 2627 7538
Facebook: @HJCGlobalTeaFair
Instagram: globalteafair
Linkedin: global-tea-fair
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Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:23 pm

i had the opportunity to meet Enna in person in Chicago.

the Global Tea Fair she represents is truly massive. i would love to go but can't attend this year.

definitely consider attending if you're able.

Global Tea Fair
Shenzhen (Autumn)
December 12-16, 2019

here's a PDF with some additional info:

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