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Ethan Kurland
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Tue Oct 12, 2021 6:02 pm

Looking at some old posts for some insight & perhaps to laugh at myself a bit, I see that in November 2020 I was amazed that in writing about dayuling of Spring 2020 I had not talked about its great presentation of minerals & its charming note of mint. Guess what? I did the same thing this year w/ the DYL of Spring 2021. It did not take me as long to notice this year though. I found that keeping steeping time no longer than 10 seconds allowed the minerals to command the palate & mint to be appreciated even though it was delicate.

I also wrote the Shanlinxi of Spring 2020 was sweeter & more floral than I want tea to be & that I would not buy it again. Yet, I did buy SLX again but from a different farmer/producer whose tea was grown higher up. The SLX that I drink from Spring 2021 is not sweet & floral as the one of the past was.

Ethan, when you read this post next year note this: You can love "gongfu" style, but your way. That means flash steeping or close to flash steeping w/ a normal amount of leaves or only slightly more leaves (not 2 X, 3 X, etc.)

It's brave to write a thought or feeling. I see that I have called several teas my favorite in just the past couple of years. I also showed some snobbishness. I had looked down at my past self who liked tea from Upton & Harney & Sons. Well 2 weeks ago I got some Black Currant tea from Harney & am very glad about it. (Today I bought some Assam from Ahmad to blend w/ the black currant tea to tone it down a bit.)

Take a look at what you wrote for some fun, insight, or humble pie to eat w/ your cup of tea. Cheers
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Tue Oct 12, 2021 8:01 pm

I congratulate future Ethan on the foresight of present-day Ethan.
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