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Not Made in China Pottery Studio

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 3:33 am
by MariesTeas
Thanks For Having Me!
Thank You for Creating such a Wonderful Place for Tea Persons!

I am a budding Tea Artist! Having such amazing Information, so accessible is great for A philomath like me!

My Husband and I are Ceramic Artisans of Albuquerque! We primary teach,
Due to the excellent knowledge transmittance at our studio, Many of our students go on to sell their wares
We Give Everybody all the tools and knowledge needed to create their own works and studios! (Which is Unheard of in any Art Field)
We created so many artisans from the ground up (Like Mark at Happy Cat Pottery)!
We've Taught Over 50,000 persons individually (over 40,000 was out of our home!) between just the two of us!

I am not very good with computers. We are Now just trying to put our selves on-line!

But We Love to Make Teaware! Being Budding Tea Artisans and Lovers of Tea, we get the best of both worlds!
We brew amazing teas in our hand crafted wares! And We get to learn "What Can We do to make this better"!
Our teawares influences our brew styles, and using our wares lets us know what we need to do better or differently next time!
A Cute Little Left Handed 100-75ml! The Iron Rich Glaze does wonders for certain teas!
IMG_20180306_123842.jpg (394.78 KiB) Viewed 2799 times
I am also working hard with my tea teacher to spread tea across the States! Our Tea Teachers want us to create wares (gongfu specifically) more suitable for an american audience! We will do our best!
A Gong Fu Tea Set We Made From Scratch! The Clay and Glaze are our own recipes!
IMG_20180609_062444.jpg (547.67 KiB) Viewed 2799 times
A Gong Fu Tea Set We Made From Scratch! The Clay and Glaze are our own recipes!
IMG_20180609_061902.jpg (589.31 KiB) Viewed 2799 times
Feel free to follow Us on facebook (Not Made in China Pottery Studio or TheMarie'sTeas) and instagram, as well as here for when we need your help.

We do custom, bulk and wholesale orders and have created numerous gaiwans, shiboridashis, chawans, assorted teapots, custom teapets, and canisters.

We Create raw clay teapots with locally sourced clay (Don't be fooled! Most people use a manufactured clay body which has not the most pleasant of effect on your tea), gongfu style sets and trays for both wet & dry methods, inlay work, and so much more! You can replace anything in your home with ceramics! Just ask Us!

Thanks for having me!
I hope I did not Talk your whole ear off!

Thank You.