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FS: Legit ROC Ju Lun Zhu

Posted: Wed Jun 23, 2021 3:00 pm
by teamagi
Hey friends,

The time has come for me to part ways with this lovely tea pot. I regret to do it, but I need to move some money around and for what ever reason this pot has been getting less use than it deserves.

Originally purchased from Teas We Like, I can attest it’s quality material and workmanship from LQER.

Photos to come when I get home. For now you can see photos in the original listing. ... le-filter/

$700USD shipped anywhere in North America. Live elsewhere? We can talk about shipping.
Original TWL Listing wrote: Tall Dark Zini with 7-hole filter


This late Qing to ROC yixing teapot is made of chocolate-dark zini. The slender design of the body is completed by well-balanced handle and spout. This teapot features a handmade 7-hole filter built by piercing the inner wall at the spout attachment, making for a very convenient pour experience. The interior and exterior of the pot show the typical toolmarks and craftsmanship details of the period.

Empty Weight: 89g
Capacity: 102ml
Pour Speed: 14s

Re: FS: Legit ROC Ju Lun Zhu

Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2022 5:27 pm
by teamagi
Hello tea friends,

This beauty is still available. It's been sitting in its box for three months now and would very much appreciate a tea friend to sit with.

I'm dropping the price down to $650 shipped in North America. I'm happy to ship it elsewhere at the buyer's expense or split costs.

Please DM me with any questions.