My new matcha bowl

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Thu Jan 13, 2022 4:02 am

Just got this bowl by Kazuhiro Katase / 片瀬和宏 (available from TdJ). Was looking for a pink chawan with crackle and this one seemed perfect. Not particularly pink in real life, it turns out, but I'm taken by the underside, which is prettier than photos suggest: complex cracks and a nice yellow that doesn't really photograph that well (maybe due to cloudy weather). A small defect coming through the glaze at the bottom inside (seems present in other copies as well). Heat retention is exceptional, maybe the thick glaze helps? The inside is very waxy/hydrophobic. I don't need a tea towel to dry the bowl after pouring out the water used to warm it, even though it stayed for >5 mins. Not a drop left. Not sure if a feature or some coating that will come off. I like it a lot but no idea what yaki it is, so I can put it in the proper thread. Probably noname-yaki :)
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