Shudei vs Zhuni - or the case of the elusive two Zhuni

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Thu Oct 17, 2019 8:39 pm

Bok wrote:
Thu Oct 17, 2019 8:19 pm
In the next step I might extend the comparisons to Chaozhou clay, visually it looks very similar and I have a pot in the right size :mrgreen:

Victoria funny you mention Shudei as turning the tea harsher, which was my impression of the Zhuni. I suspect that the underlying issue is the tea. The clay will put the faults in the forefront, in harsh daylight. Zhuni and porcelain more so than more absorbing clays.

Heat could also be the issue, so shorter steeps might help, still in the end, if the tea is good enough it can take the heat. Premium high mountain is almost indestructible by neglectful brewing.
Well, only this Emu shudei kyusu paired with this particular LiShan resulted in a harsher brew. At first I thought it was the Icelandic water I was using, or my body, so decided to try Shimizu Ken’s Nosaka kyusu. Since these were back-to-back overlapping tastings the differences were clear. I’ve used this Emu kyusu with other high mountain, but I seem to be using it more often with sencha in general. I wasn’t conscious why until today.

I have another Emu shudei that I’ve used with LiShan often with good results, but haven’t done an intentional comparison with other kyusu yet, lol.
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