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Hello again TeaFolk!

How long have you been drinking tea?
I've been drinking tea seriously for about twelve years. I switched from coffee to tea when Starbucks introduced Pikes Place.

What kind of tea do you drink?
Gradually have gravitated from rock tea in the morning with Japanese greens in the afternoon to Japanese greens almost all of the time.
I have a small collection of rock teas from The Mandarin (including some triple stamp!) and dancong from TeaHabitat that I brew on special occasions and for special friends.

How do you prepare your tea?
Gong fu style in Yixing or Chou Zhou or porcelean for Oolong. Kyusu and hobin for sencha and gyokuro, always the hobin when brewing the best teas. I use a gaiwan for all non-Japanese tea experiments.

What tea knowledge are you interested in exploring right now?
I've been so busy for the last four or five years that I haven't had the mind-space to try new things but I'm ready to explore again.

What factors lead you to delve into the world of tea, and what is keeping you there?
I love how I feel when I drink tea. I love that it wakes you in the morning by gradually stimulating your senses.

What is your location?
I am still south of Boston, which hosted America's first Tea Party.
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