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I'm a noob tea drinker from Finland. I mostly drink tea from bags from the grocery store. I want to bring more quality herbs into my body rather than store bought crap.

I want to learn more about brewing my own tea and growing my own herbs for tea!

I'm probably the most sloppy tea drinker on this forum, but hey can only go up from the bottom.
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Brewmesideways wrote:
Mon Sep 06, 2021 9:08 am
I'm probably the most sloppy tea drinker on this forum, but hey can only go up from the bottom.
That's the spirit! Welcome!
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Hello I'm Millie :)

How long have you been drinking tea?

Since my late teens

What kind of tea do you drink?

All kinds except for Jasmin as it hurts my tummy

How do you prepare your tea?

Hot water first, with soya milk

What tea knowledge are you interested in exploring right now?

The history of tea

What factors lead you to delve into the world of tea, and what is keeping you there?

I love what a world wide drink it is and how it brings people together. I've had some great experiences with tea around the world and as soon as I'm able, I want to continue that.

What is your location?

The UK
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Hello! I'm Avery.

I started drinking tea as a teenager - only herbal tea/tisanes at first, since my sole exposure to the leaves of actual camellia sinensis and its close relatives was my mother's oversteeped Lipton Decaf. I became more seriously interested in tea while at university.

I drink all kinds of tea. I prepare my tea differently depending on what type it is, my mood, and the teaware available to me - I steep most of my tea at work in a mug, while at home I can use other methods.

I'm interested in learning more about how the flavour and aroma of tea is influenced by its growing environment: the nutrition in the soil, the amount of shade, the climate, and so on. The processes of making tea and teaware also interest me; while I can't grow tea or easily make my own teaware in the place I live right now, I'd still like to know more about it. Immersing myself in probably-useless research is my favourite pastime. Lastly, I'm interested in different places' and cultures' ways of preparing tea and tea-like beverages.

Originally, I started exploring tea because it was one of few ways to use my sense of taste in a hobby that wouldn't lead to negative effects (like drinking too much of other things might!). I already had hobbies which relied on the other senses, and engaging with the world this way was new and exciting. I'm still involved in the world of tea because of that, and because the history and culture surrounding tea is fascinating. It's also wonderful to share tea with others.

I'm located in rural New England in the USA. Not many tea houses around here, alas.
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