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Tue Oct 08, 2019 10:53 pm

this is a darjeeling tea vendor located in darjeeling.

i have been generally happy with their offerings over the years, and i find the tea quality is relatively good. i suppose my one complaint is that the prices seem a little high, and i feel that i have to play more games than i am accustomed to with coupon codes and minimum order quantity (to 'avail' free or reasonably priced shipping). to be fair, the shipping prices do seem better since their site redesign.

the reason i'm bringing them up now is they have a decent sale going. 40% off with coupon code vijay. i think it expires thursday morning (UTC -6).

i already ordered once this year in late july, so i've tried a handful of their 2019 teas.

for me, these were the standouts:

  • Castleton Moonlight Imperial 2019 FF
    • i always get imperial moonlight if it's available. there was a SF version of this tea a few years ago that was truly mindblowing. maybe the best DJ i've had.
SF: what are your thoughts on this vendor? anyone try their 2019 stuff?
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Tue Oct 08, 2019 10:59 pm

Thanks @pedant. With the coupon it looks like a good time for me to try a few and learn more about Darjeelings. I appreciate the heads up and notes on your favorites.
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Wed Oct 09, 2019 1:33 pm

Thanks to your recommendation @pedant in July I ordered quite a few 1st and 2nd flush from Thunderbolt Tea. Overall, I think the quality is AAA grade. After all the discounts, including first time purchase, the price also seems reasonably equitable to quality. I also like that they carry quite a few good organic teas. My notes are not great on these but here are my favorites so far;

Castleton Moonlight Imperial, Darjeeling White 1st Flush, SFTGFOP1, *** excellent. Champagne, light floral notes. Yumm nutty buttery mineral smooth w some kind of light bouquet.

Castleton Moonlight 2019 Second Flush, Oolong, DJ-248, SFTGFOP1 ** good. Processed as an oxidized oolong. Tippy buds are copper colored, and infusion has background malty fruity nutty notes. Tastes like oxidized oolong. Aromatics pleasant, camphorous pine sweet warming. Smooth. Warming. Thick sweetness covers mouth. some sweet musk notes. Good through 3 steeps.

Castleton Tea Garden Darjeeling “Tippy Clonal”, Black 1st Flush FTGFOP1 **good. Nice effervescence

Singbulli Tea Estate Thunder 2018, Black Organic 1st Flush FTGFOP1 *** very good. Pleasant aroma and good flavor profile with many layered notes.

Barnesbeg Tea “Himalayan Queen”, Darjeeling Black Organic 1st Flush 2019 *** good. light, nice mouthfeel, effervescent nutty and lingering sensation. Third tasting; aromatic with rich fruity body.

Didn’t like: Sungma Tea Garden Organic Musk Darjeeling 2018, Black, Organic FTGFOP1. So far I Don’t like it. Not sure if steeping temperature of 203-212F is a tipo on their site. I used 207F and find it overbrewed and way too tannic at this temperature. I now see it was also Very cheap 17$ for 100 grams.

P.S. the teas with 70% off seem very limited
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