Calabash/cuia volume for one person?

Tisanes prepared from plants not belonging to the Camellia genus
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Wed Jul 13, 2022 2:01 pm

Hello everyone,

I will soon be buying a calabash and a cuia. I am not sure yet about the material, but be it natural or ceramic, the shapes will be the traditional ones.

What volume is appropriate for one person? I thought 200 ml would be good, but at least for the cuia a Brazilian store owner told me that I should go a bit larger.

First question: Is there a practical reason why the cuia are larger than the calabash used by Argentinians, or is it all tradition and I should get the same size for both?

Secondly, what volume should I get for each? I know it's mostly preference, but I would like to know what a solo drinker from those countries would reasonably go for.

Thank you!
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