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Puerh and other heicha
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Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:43 am

While Chawang has a great selection and there are a few other Western shops like Lao that have some good options I'm wondering about sourcing options for other Liu Bao... I know there are a lot of other Wuzhou productions that don't really make it to western shops that I'm curious to try. Also while its great to get some stuff already pre-aged from Chawang/others the prices go up pretty quickly. I'd like to also be able to get ahold of newer productions of say Duoteli while the price is lower and store it myself. While group buys and things like that aren't so uncommon for Pu, hei cha isn't nearly as popular so that option is kinda out. I'm curious to try the whole taobao thing since it seems popular for Pu group buys, but I have no experience with that for tea, more just indirectly sourcing electronic components from China from other sites. Anyone know of any other Malaysian or Chinese vendors willing to ship to Europe? Otherwise, maybe a sourcing trip is what it is gonna come down to at some point...
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