What HeiCha are you drinking

Puerh and other heicha
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Sun Mar 03, 2019 9:49 am

Those both sound lovely, but especially the golden raisin bread. My mind is translating that into something like the caramel sweetness of a perfect infuson of Golden Needle White Lotus shu puerh from Menghai, adding a bit of plummy fruitiness, and imagining that the raisins are in a toasted whole-grain bread with that deep flavor.

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Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:16 pm

2012 Three Cranes Liu Bao cake from TealifeHK. Smooth and easy drinking. Smoother than I expected for the age.

2012-2013 Sun Yi Shun Raw Liu An from TealifeHK. Pleasant and surprisingly easy to drink. An interesting tea that reminds me of sheng pu er and a little of a Kang brick tea.
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Wed Mar 20, 2019 11:17 am

I've been having 2014 Yun Tai Mountain Wild Tian Jian from Yunnan Sourcing for the past few days. As a frequent drinker of Laphroiag, the peaty notes that Scott described instantly appealed to me. I opened the box last Sunday after getting hungover on Laphroiag 10 the night before. The tea itself began with notes of peat and pine smoke. And, it introduced a molasses sweetness by the fourth infusion and keeps on becoming sweeter and sweeter.

This morning, I drank it again inside my Nixing Pot. The clay muted the peat and smoke but amplified the pine notes. The pine was kinda resinous similar to hops. I don't know if this is the optimum way to drink it tbh. Tian Jian still confuses me. Maybe I'll try a boil next time. :D
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