A lovely Fuxi Guyu Maofeng

Non-oxidized tea
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I love the Yellow Mountain green teas and this is one of my favourites.
It's a Huangshan Maofeng from Fuxi and it’s called “Guyu” because of it‘s harvested between 21 April and 5 May. The dry leaves have a strong vegetal fragrance found in different Anhui green teas and a lovely floral note of osmanthus. The tea garden is located at an altitude of 800m in Fuxi, which is considered one of the most renowned places for the production of this tea also thanks to the figure of a man called Xie Zheng'an. He played an important role in making the Maofeng of Caoxi (a small village belonging to the area of Fuxi) really famous, carefully selecting the best raw material and experimenting with different production techniques. The result was a great success and the Yellow Mountain’s Maofeng become one of the most popular green teas in the world.
I brewed it tea with 2.5 g of leaves in 60 ml at 75 ° C for 75 s, 135 s, 145 s, 165 s.
The wet leaves aroma is really fresh and this is also reflected in the liqueur, in fact it gives a sensation similar to the one of a mint in the mouth. When I start to sip it the flavour is sweet, but it comes very quickly similar to a rocket salad, characterized by a bitter sweet contrast, pretty complex to describe… the fragrance keep on being floral until the 3rd steeping and there is always a delicate hazelnut note on the background. A great Maofeng!

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